What does my child wear to a Toddler Creative Dance & Kinder Creative Ballet class?

Balance Dance School has no specific uniform for these age groups. Below is a suggestion of what our little dancers in Toddler Creative Dance and Kinder Creative Ballet can wear:

Girls – Any colour and style of leotard & skirt or soft tutu or fairy dress, socks or ballet tights or leggings, pink leather ballet shoes
Boys – Any colour shorts or bike pants, t-shirt, white socks, white leather ballet shoes

Toddlers welcome to wear leggings and tights or anything they can comfortably move in and are not required to have shoes

Do I need proper ballet shoes for the 1st lesson?

No. You can first wait and see if your child likes the classes before purchasing ballet shoes from a reputable dancewear retailer which is recommended for safe dance practice. Please prepare your little dancer to dance with bare feet or any non-slip soft sole shoes.

Uniform information for Classical Ballet and Jazz can be found under the tab for that class.

Can Parents watch the classes?

Parents are able to watch their children enrolled in Kinder Creative Ballet classes.
• Ensure that you are quiet while the class is in progress – any noise is distracting for both little dancers and teachers. If you’d like to have a chat, please pop outside.
• Sit at the back of the dance studio on the chairs provided.
• Ensure mobile phones are switched off or on ‘silent’.
• Note that recording from mobile/multimedia devices and taking photos during the class is strictly prohibited.
If you wish to bring along any other relatives please give us advanced warning by either calling, texting or emailing. We have a duty of care to the students and their Parents to know who is in our dance studio during classes.

Please note: Parents and Carers of children enrolled in  Pre-Primary Ballet, Primary Ballet, Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary classes have special invited Parent watching days at the end of Term 1 & 2.


Does Balance Dance School offer exams?

For our school age classes we offer the option of either a Royal Academy of Dance Classical Ballet Exam or Class Award, participation is either is entirely optional. In order to participate in an Exam students are required to attend 2 ballet classes per week to learn and practice the class work in preparation for the exam.

Does Balance Dance School compete in eisteddfods?

No we do not.

Does Balance Dance School hold an end of year concert?

Yes at the end of Term 4 we hold an end of year concert for children enrolled in Kinder Creative Ballet and above. Our relatively informal concert offers a gentle introduction to performing in front of family and friends. Participation in the concert is entirely optional, expenses include costume purchase or hire and concert tickets.

How do I enrol?

Firstly if you are interested in enrolling in any of our classes please complete our Register Interest Form.
If we have a vacancy in your chosen class we will contact you shortly. If a class is listed as full you will automatically go on our wait list.
If you would like further information please email Rebecca at info@balancedanceschool.com.au